Strengthening CSO Policy and Monitoring Capacity

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ACCESS supports Georgian think tanks, watchdog CSOs, and CSO coalitions in effectively monitoring, analyzing, and influencing key government policies and processes. The goal is to improve policy decisions and increase government accountability to the public on national policy issues. To this end, ACCESS builds CSO capacity, supports research and advocacy projects, and deepens constructive collaboration between CSOs, the government, and other stakeholders. In particulae:

Public Policy and Accountability Grants

ACCESS supports policy research, analysis and advocacy through a Public Policy and Accountability Grants (PPAG) program. This program funds Tbilisi-based think tanks, watchdog CSOs, and CSO coalitions to conduct policy research, analysis and advocate for policy changes, and/or monitor policy implementation. PPAG activities focus on policy issues relevant to Georgia’s continued democratic development, including:

  • Open Government Partnership initiatives
  • Local government
  • Public administration
  • Healthcare
  • Euro-Atlantic integration
  • Media independence and media reforms
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Minority integration into civic and political life
  • Access to public information

Every year ACCESS will fund up to 5 projects under PPAG.


Policy Forum Series

Through Policy Forum Series held in Tbilisi and regions of Georgia, ACCESS engages various stakeholders from national and local government, the CSO, donor community, academia, media, and the private sector in a series of round-table discussions that serve to identify or respond to key public policy issues that affect local and central governance. The policy forums are mainly focused on the themes covered by ACCESS-funded projects; however they may also reflect other local concerns and/or issues identified through public opinion surveys or other means.

Every year ACCESS plans to hold about 10 Policy Forums.

Technical Assistance for Think Tanks

ACCESS makes available targeted technical assistance to its PPAG grantees, as well as other think tanks working on priority policy issues. Think tanks can benefit from technical assistance in subjects including research methodology, collaborative advocacy techniques, communicating policy research to decision makers and the public, media presentation skills, and preparing for meetings with decision makers. For this purpose, ACCESS uses the following instruments:

  • Organizational Capacity Assessment by CTC;
  • Peer review of policy research methodology and analysis;
  • Mentoring by local and international experts in areas of interest for think tanks.

Besides, ACCESS also allows think tanks to include capacity development costs in their proposals for PPAGs, so that they can put in place organizational strengthening measures that will contribute to their sustainability.


ACCESS is a five-year 6,897,000 USD civil society development initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development and implemented by the East-West Management Institute (EWMI). USAID administers U.S. foreign assistance programs providing economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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