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Citizen Outreach Grants (COGs)

  1. Journalists’ Network for Gender Equality’s project „Support Women’s Political Participationenvisions organizing a countrywide campaign that will mobilize, inform, educate and engage women to identify and voice their needs to the election candidates in the run up to the local government elections in fall 2017. Project duration: 17 July – 17 December, 2017. Project budget – $14,990.
  2. Local Development Agency Georgia’s project “Voice of More Women in Local Self-Government concentrates on reaching out and mobilizing women voters of Imereti region to support them to voice their needs to the political parties and election candidates collectively in the run up to the regional elections in fall 2017. After the elections, LDA Georgia will monitor the extent to which the winning political parties and candidates consider the women voters needs in their post-election programs. Project duration: 17 July, 2017 – 17 April, 2018. Project budget – $14,990.
  3. Levan Mikeladze Foundation’s project „Ethnic Minority Women Voters Form Constituency supports women voters in Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki and Marneuli municipalities to form female constituency in the run up to the regional elections in fall 2017 and to empower them to become active citizens through capacity building on women’s political participation and relationship building between the female electorate and local government institutions.  Project duration: 17 July – 17 December, 2017. Project budget – $14,998.
  4. Samtskhe-Javakheti Media Centers project “Women for Women”  invites locally active women from Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Marneuli and Ninotsminda municipalities to mobilize other women from their communities to identify female voter’s needs per municipality, discuss these needs and priorities with the election candidates and to raise the profile of female voters’ needs during pre- and-post election periods (using various media resources). Project duration: 17 July, 2017 – 17 January, 2017. Project budget – $14,970.
  5. Women for Regional Development’s project „Women’s Voice in Local Self-Government facilitates women’s mobilization and consolidation efforts in seven target communities of Ozurgeti Municipality (Bakhvi, Laituri, Naruji, Nasakirali, Likhauri, Zimiti, Dvabzu) to help women engage with election candidates and advocate for considering women voter’s needs in the election programs and later in the municipal budgets and programs. Project duration: 17 July, 2017 – 17 February, 2017. Project budget – $ 14,598.
  6. Radarami, Project “Raising Awareness about Russian Propaganda”. Project goal is to  counter anti-western disinformation through promoting a Georgian translation of a proclaimed book Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia and organizing public discussions around the key stories/tools featured in the book. For that purpose the organization will distribute the Georgian translation of the book free of charge in 20 regional cities of Georgia and tour the country with the book discussion events, engaging prominent national and local public figures to speak at these events. The project will also produce video clips, info-graphics, and other visual material to highlight the propaganda/disinformation tools exposed in the book.  Project duration: 1 April – 30 November, 2017. Budget: 15,000 USD.
  7. The House of the Independent Journalists in partnership with the Newspaper Batumelebi. The Project “Countering Anti-Western Disinformation in Ajara” will employ a wide variety of tools, including public meetings, lectures, video clips, urban art, essays, etc., to raise citizens’ awareness and understanding of the anti-western disinformation. The project will also feature well known Soviet History researchers and speakers who will lead the series of discussions in Batumi and the adjacent villages. Project Duration – April 24, 2017 – March 1, 2018. Project budget: $ 14,945
  8. Civic Activism and Equality Center. The Project “Women of Georgia” – extension of a well-established and popular Facebook platform that features human stories titled as ‘Women of Georgia` aiming at identifying topics and thematic directions to exemplify gender inequalities and expose often hidden gender barriers through the in-depth interviews using human story approach. By featuring individual stories of 60 women from Georgia using an online platform to highlight women’s issues, and showcase the women whose experiences are unique and challenge traditional gender roles, project aims at increasing awareness on invisible barriers that women from all class, race and sexuality face in Georgia. The project paves the way  for a civic advocacy on gender related issues from the grassroots level thus making sure the women’s voice is heard by the decision makers. Project Duration – 1 June – November 30, 2017. Project Budget:m $ 14,920.


Public Policy and Accountability Grants (PPAGs

  1. Integration – Road to NATO and EU, project “Myth or Reality? ” – Purpose of the project is to better inform Georgian society about the existing myths spread by anti-western disinformation campaign; and increase media literacy and myth-busting information among the broad audiences. For this purpose the organization will prepare and air a special TV rubric on anti-western disinformation through Rustavi 2’s “Other Midday” program. In addition, PSAs aimed at raising literacy of the broad audiences about the individual myths and informing them about anti-western propaganda will be aired on Rustavi 2 on a daily basis. Project Duration – 15 March, 2017 – 15 January, 2018. Project Budget – $49,920.
  2. In-Depth Reporting and Advocacy Center, project “Help Combat Anti-Western Propaganda through Information” will mainly focus on informing public about the benefits of the EU market and the opportunities stemming from the EU-Georgia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA). Using its web-platform, the organization will produce up to 100 in-depth stories about the Georgian farmers and businesses reaching EU markets, practical benefits and opportunities of the European market, as well as offering comparative analyses of regional markets, etc. Besides, the organization will hold a dozen of information meetings and interactive live TV talk-shows in regions to inform and engage with local farmers, producers and interested citizens. Project Duration – March 1 – November 1, 2017. Project Budget – $ 50,000.
  3. Media Development Foundation (MDF) through the project “Myth Detector to Inform Citizens and Strengthen Media Literacy” will issue “Myth Detector” articles to counter the anti-western myths and narratives and post it on its web platform Based on MDF research, the TV Pirveli company will broadcast weekly journalistic myth-busting and media literacy TV stories, and air studio interviews with MDF’s researchers. MDF will also prepare PSAs showing how western values are compatible with the Georgian culture and identity and have them aired though national and local TV-channels. MDF will also develop and disseminate media literacy guidelines on how to check and verify fake news and sources, and organize workshops for youth on media literacy in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia. Project Duration – 10 March – 10 November, 2017. Project Budget: 49,980.
  4. Transparency International – Georgia (TI), project “Civic Movement Against Anti-Western Propaganda” will organize a broad public campaign in Georgia’s regions together with up to 20 CSOs of the “Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia” to highlight benefits and importance of European integration to ordinary citizens. Using the motto “Strength is in unity, strength is in Europe”, this campaign will include community meetings and public events together with experts and local celebrities in western regions of Georgia (Ajara, Samegrelo and Imereti), conveying locally relevant narratives and messages about Georgia’s European integration. Project Duration – 15 March – 15 October, 2017. Project budget: $49,600.

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