Ongoing Grants

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Citizen Outreach Grants

1. Gavigudet – addressing air pollution in Rustavi through advocacy campaigns, citizen awareness and mobilization.
2. Human rights and Social Justice Research Center – addressing water and air pollution as well as recurring flooding in Poti through civic engagement and advocacy.
3Special Conservation Center Nacres – promoting volunteerism and civic engagement in Borjomi through strengthening volunteer firefighter groups and raising awareness on fire prevention and safety.
4. New Thinking Institute – empowering rural Azeri women in Marneuli municipality through setting up a “mother’s school” and offering informal education opportunities.
5. Orbeliani Georgia – developing a sustainable funding mechanism for community-driven projects by using and promoting a crowdfunding platform.
6. Platform ‘Salam’ – empowering youth leaders from Azeri communities in Georgia via development of their skills in advocacy, public speaking and debates.
7. Tbilisi Pride – empowering families of LGBTQI persons as well as protecting their rights.
8. Club of Winner Women – supporting breast cancer patients and survivors in regions of Georgia; raising public awareness about the importance of breast and cervical cancer screening.
9. Civic Initiative ‘Knowledge Cafè’ – mobilizing resources to build and set up an independent civic space (i.e. community foundation building) in Tsnori through citizen engagement, outreach and crowdfunding campaigns.
10. Center for Civic Activities – representing and protecting rights and interests of people from high-mountainous regions of Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Lower and Upper Svaneti.
11. Women of Georgia – supporting popular FB page “Women of Georgia” to raise awareness on gender inequalities in Georgia, sharing experiences of women from various backgrounds to exemplify gender berries that women face all across the country.

Public Policy and Accountability Grants Program (PPAG)

1. Internet Monitoring for Democratic Civil Action (IMDCA) – detecting anti-western pages and engaging Facebook users to detect and identify fake accounts (bots, trolls) and misinformation platforms through page ‘Vin Vin Aris’ (Who is who?). Project Budget – $40,513. Project Duration: 15 April – 15 October, 2020.

2. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) – uncovering and reporting disinformation campaigns on Facebook during the 2020 parliamentary elections, as well as informing civil society and communicating with Facebook staff to safeguard elections from outside meddling. Project Budget – $69,624. Project Duration: 15 April, 2020 – 15 April, 2021.

3. in partnership with Atlantic Council Digital Forensics Research Lab (DFRLab) – producing investigative research into Russian disinformation campaigns targeting the public or policymakers ahead or during the 2020 Parliamentary elections. Project Budget – $59,800. Project Duration: 15 April, 2020 – 15 January, 2021.

4UN Association of Georgia (UNAG) – encouraging democratic political participation and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations through producing unifying narratives drawing on the heritage of Georgia’s first Democratic Republic. Project Budget – $40,087.29. Project Duration: 15 April, 2020 – 15 January, 2021.

5. Strategic Communications Center Georgia – countering anti-western disinformation through FB platform through citizen engagement in detecting and countering disinformation in social media. Project Budget – $68,890. Project Duration: 15 April, 2020 – 15 February, 2021.

Rapid Response Grants Program “Act Now”

  1. Europa Donna Georgia – Supporting cancer patients, as well as their families, caregivers, and larger oncology community during the COVID-19 crisis through providing them with up-to-date and practical information on the COVID-19 dissemination, symptoms, and special needs of cancer patients during pandemic. The project is implemented in cooperation with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC). Project Budget – $ 3,900. Project Duration: 6 April – 15 June, 2020.
  2. Advanced Technologies and Innovations Center– Developing and launching a mobile application CovidBuster to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The app will enable its users to record their contacts on a daily basis to help quickly identify their clusters if they become infected. It will also provide daily updates on COVID-19 and WHO’s and NCDC’s recommendations. Additionally, the app will send out regular reminders on the actions to take to avoid COVID-19. Project Budget – $ 4,650. Project Duration: 6 April – 15 June, 2020.
  3. Civic Initiative, Knowledge Café – Supporting lonely elderly people in the Sighnaghi municipality through identifying and responding to their urgent needs. Raise funds and other resources to provide them with essential food and medical products; and assist them through stress-management activities. Project Budget – $3,500. Project Duration: 6 April – 18 June, 2020.
  4. Welfare Foundation– Capacity building of primary health care workers and professionals on COVID-19 epidemiology and pathogenesis, infection prevention, and clinical care of severe respiratory infection. The regional offices of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) will help Welfare Foundation in mobilization of the training participants. Project Budget – $4,890. Project Duration: 6 April – 6 July, 2020.
  5.  Wolfram Syndrome Georgia – supporting deaf-blind people, their families and caregivers by providing useful information on COVID-19 and individual consultancy.
  6. Innovations for Inclusive Society – preparing children with disabilities and special education needs for entry in schools through consultancy sessions with children, their parents and school teachers.
  7. Akaki Akhalaia (in partnership with – producing  and distributing articles, podcasts, infographics and stories on COVID-19 and on how to adapt to the new normal. Posting the content on popular platform
  8. Children’s Hospice Firefly World – supporting terminally ill children and their families during the pandemic through information and psychological counseling services.
  9. Lika Qurtsilkidze and Shorena Tkeshelashvili – creating  educational videos to support emotional, physical and cognitive development of pre-school children.