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Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19 Response Grants for Civic Activists and Citizen Groups

Who can apply to the COVID-19 Response Grants program? The grant program is intended for civic activists, citizen groups, and civic movements.   Who can not apply for COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 Response Grants for Civic Activists and Citizen Groups

Amount of Covid-19 Response Grant:              Min. $500 – Max. $5,000 Duration of Projects:                                              Min. 1 month

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School Children Engage in Fundraising Campaign in Support of “Knowledge Café”

For the past two years EWMI ACCESS has supported the Knowledge Café in carrying out a diverse fundraising campaign to collect money for construction of the Café’s own building. The

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Championing Children’s Rights in the pre-and-post Election Period

Although numerous studies highlight significant problems and challenges in the child wellbeing system in Georgia, these topics rarely get prioritized by politicians. In order to bring these problems to the

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Civic Movement “Gaviguidet” Summarizes 2020 Results of the Campaign for Clean Air in Rustavi

On January 12, the civic movement “Gavigudet” (i.e. we are suffocating) summarized the 2020 results of their advocacy campaign aimed at reducing air pollution in Rustavi. The movement, established in

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Online Game to Combat Disinformation and Fake News

EWMI ACCESS supports online media and research organization DFRLab in producing and widely disseminating research reports and articles regarding anti-Western disinformation, actors of Russian-led influence operations in the social media and their main

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EWMI ACCESS Supports New Projects Addressing COVID-19 Pandemic-related Challenges

EWMI ACCESS launches nine new projects aiming to address problems and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia. To this purpose, these projects will use a multitude of approaches,

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EWMI ACCESS Contributes to a New Model for Crowdfunding in Georgia

Over the past eight months, EWMI ACCESS has supported the development of an innovative crowdfunding platform for social initiatives – This platform allows citizens to register their project ideas and launch a

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Monitoring the Interaction between the State and the Orthodox Church in Georgia

Starting from October, EWMI ACCESS supports the “Democracy Research Institute” (DRI) in carrying out a project which aims to facilitate free and fair pre-election environment in Georgia. Specifically, the project

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LGBTIQ Activists in Georgia Find New Allies: Their Parents

Parents of LGBTIQ people in Georgia often face similar or harsher stigmas as their children. EWMI ACCESS supports Tbilisi Pride, a civic LGBTIQ movement, to bring them together and make