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A Systemic Approach towards Creating an Inclusive Working Environment

   “We all have certain limitations. What matters most is to have an open and unhindered working environment, rather than limiting people’s abilities.” People living with disabilities in Georgia struggle

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Summarizing the 7-month Experience of Visa-Free Travel to Schengen Countries

On November 9, 2017, EWMI ACCESS organized a Policy Forum to analyze trends, statistics and challenges identified over the first seven months (28 March to 20 October, 2017) of visa-free

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Media Centers on the Front Lines of the Election-Related Activities

The pre-election period has been a busy time for Election Media Centers which operate at the Centers for Civic Engagement in 10 cities of Georgia. In October, 2017 the Election

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Focus on Needs of Women Voters in Georgian Regions

  Despite the fact that women represent majority of all registered voters in Georgia (53, 7%), their participation in elections and political processes is very low. Due to their low