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Completion of ACCESS Project

Dear Friends, We’d like to inform you that the Advancing CSO Capacities and Engaging Society for Sustainability (ACCESS) Project implemented

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EWMI ACCESS Supports the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Georgian Regions

Because of the lack of trustworthy information and involvement of local influencers in raising awareness about COVID-19 vaccines, many residents

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Impact of COVID-19 on Preschool and Early Education System in Georgia – Presentation on the Findings

On September 14, EWMI ACCESS grantee Civitas Georgica presented the findings on their assessment “Impact of COVID-19 on Preschool and Early Education

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Inclusive Arts Teaching Becomes Widely Accessible with EWMI ACCESS Support

The CSO Youth for Social Equality (YFSE) has introduced and promoted inclusive arts teaching in Georgia to support the rehabilitation

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New Projects to Combat COVID-19 Challenges

In August, EWMI ACCESS issued four new projects to combat COVID-19 challenges and support vulnerable groups. Of the new projects,

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Model for Delivering Effective Medical Services to People with Autism

With the support of EWMI ACCESS, the Board of Independent Education Consultants  (CIEC) in partnership with the Medial Center Pineo, Autism

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All too often civil society development happens in conference rooms and offices, far removed from beneficiaries, especially from those residing

With Georgia facing a complicated position in the context of world politics, the country has firmly chosen its way westward.