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CSO Transparency Award

On December 19, nine Georgian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) were awarded the CSO Transparency Prize. These organizations are: Transparency International-Georgia

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Non-Profit Management Training Program Graduation Ceremony

For the third consecutive year, EWMI ACCESS’ partner – Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) is delivering a 5-month certified

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Talks on Women Voters’ Needs

ACCESS Grantee, the Journalist’s Network for Gender Equality has recently completed the project it implemented since July 2017. The project targeted all

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Media Centers on the Front Lines of the Election-Related Activities

The pre-election period has been a busy time for Election Media Centers which operate at the Centers for Civic Engagement

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Focus on Needs of Women Voters in Georgian Regions

  Despite the fact that women represent majority of all registered voters in Georgia (53, 7%), their participation in elections

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All too often civil society development happens in conference rooms and offices, far removed from beneficiaries, especially from those residing

With Georgia facing a complicated position in the context of world politics, the country has firmly chosen its way westward.