Main Events

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Winners of Citizen Outreach Grants Program

In March, EWMI ACCESS announced the winners of its Citizen Outreach Grants (COG) contest. They are: 1. Center for Civic

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Women’s History Month in Regions of Georgia

The Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (NCCE), with the support from EWMI ACCESS, marked Women’s History Month in 10

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Supporting Green Advocacy Platform

On February 15, leading Georgian environmental and advocacy CSOs, including Green Alternative, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA), and Human Rights

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EWMI ACCESS Grantees Engage in Advocacy for Urban Development Problems

One of the main priorities for the EWMI ACCESS Public Policy and Accountability Grants program is to support transparent and

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Georgian Civil Society Assessment

In January, 2019 EWMI ACCESS together with its partner – The Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) began a comprehensive

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Presentation of Monitoring Results of the Periodic Technical Inspection of Vehicles

On November 21, the EWMI ACCESS Grantee – Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads (GASR) presented the results of monitoring of

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All too often civil society development happens in conference rooms and offices, far removed from beneficiaries, especially from those residing

With Georgia facing a complicated position in the context of world politics, the country has firmly chosen its way westward.