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Women Stand Together

Georgia’s Club of Winner Women combats cancer with gender awareness, solidarity, and civic engagement The impact of the coronavirus pandemic

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Countering Disinformation: Track, Inform, Engage, Inspire

The spread of disinformation is a continuing threat to democracies. EWMI ACCESS has supported projects fighting disinformation since 2016. This

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EWMI ACCESS Rapid Response Grants Program – First Fifteen Winners

EWMI ACCESS has already funded 15 projects within the framework of the Rapid Response Grants Program. The projects aim to minimize

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How to Cope with Stress during COVID-19 Crisis?

Rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID19) and its unpredictable nature causes  uncontrolled fear, stress and anxiety in the population.

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Act Now / Rapid Response Grant Program

EWMI ACCESS invites Georgian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), civic movements, and citizen groups to apply to Act Now / Rapid

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Women’s History Month – March, 2020

In March, 2020 EWMI ACCESS’s partner organizations will hold diverse events across Georgia to celebrate Women’s History Month. The Network

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All too often civil society development happens in conference rooms and offices, far removed from beneficiaries, especially from those residing

With Georgia facing a complicated position in the context of world politics, the country has firmly chosen its way westward.