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Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19 Response Grants for Civic Activists and Citizen Groups

Who can apply to the COVID-19 Response Grants program? The grant program is intended for civic activists, citizen groups, and

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COVID-19 Response Grants for Civic Activists and Citizen Groups

Amount of Covid-19 Response Grant:              Min. $500 – Max. $5,000 Duration of Projects:                              

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Civic Movement “Gaviguidet” Summarizes 2020 Results of the Campaign for Clean Air in Rustavi

On January 12, the civic movement “Gavigudet” (i.e. we are suffocating) summarized the 2020 results of their advocacy campaign aimed

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Small Donations, Big Changes: Crowdfunding Helps Communities Thrive

Want to organize a rock-climbing club for orphaned children? Or build a park where local kids can play? USAID, through

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EWMI ACCESS Supports New Projects Addressing COVID-19 Pandemic-related Challenges

EWMI ACCESS launches nine new projects aiming to address problems and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia. To

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EWMI ACCESS Contributes to a New Model for Crowdfunding in Georgia

Over the past eight months, EWMI ACCESS has supported the development of an innovative crowdfunding platform for social initiatives – This platform

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All too often civil society development happens in conference rooms and offices, far removed from beneficiaries, especially from those residing

With Georgia facing a complicated position in the context of world politics, the country has firmly chosen its way westward.